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Organizing the game

What will it take to make a “Never Forgotten” Game happen?  We will send you all of the information you might need.  Here are some tips to help you to begin the process:

  1. Understand the goal is to raise funds to help purchase an AED for both schools participating.  The funds may also be used for maintenance for AED or for CPR/AED training for coaches. For each school to purchase an AED a total of $2600 needs to be raised. We are working on a discounted price for participating in the “Never Forgotten” game.
  2. Selling t-shirts is an easy way to fundraise for this event.  It is also a great way for the participating schools to show their unity for the cause.  Get in touch with a screen-printing company in your area, explain to them what you are doing, and hopefully they will be able to provide you a great price.  We suggest not paying more than $5 per shirt.  We will provide you with the t-shirt design.   If each school can sell 250 T-shirts (for a total of 500) at $10 each you have already raised enough funds to purchase 2 AEDs.
  3. There are many other fundraisers that can be done to help raise money:
  • 50/50 Raffle.
  • Sell raffle tickets for donated prizes from local businesses that support the school.
  • Get a sponsor (or multiple sponsors) to help pay for the t-shirts to off-set the cost allowing you to raise more money for each shirt sold.
  • Have Boosters purchase shirts for the basketball teams so that the players may wear them during warm-ups.
  • Ask the boosters or concessions if they would be willing to donate all or a percentage of what they make that night.
  • Publicize the event with your local media outlets.
  •  We will provide a list of statistics that can be read before and throughout the game (between quarters  and at halftime) about Sudden Cardiac Arrest .
  • Have an area set up outside of the gymnasium with information on AED’s and Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Contact a local doctor, nurse, or EMT to be available to answer any questions about how to use an AED, signs of Sudden Cardiac Arrest, and CPR.
  • Set up a video display outside of the gymnasium where you can show the following videos:
  • Wes Leonard’s Story.
  • Kylee Shea’s story.  She is a Texas middle school student who was saved in the   hallway of her school.
  • Maybe someone in your area was saved with an AED, have them available to answer questions.

We look forward to helping you throughout the process of making your “Never Forgotten” game a reality.  Please contact us with any questions at (269) 455-0401 or email us at wlht735@gmail.com.