Thank You’s From the Wes Leonard Heart Team!

The Wes Leonard Heart Team is so grateful to so many people and establishments in our community.  In September, Cranes Pie Pantry dedicated an entire day of proceeds to benefit  our cause. 20% of the bills that day were tabulated and the WLHT received over $2,000.  That is enough for an AED and a mounted case on a wall for schools.  Thank you to Laura, Becky, Lou and the entire staff.



In October, Cranes U-Pick Corn Maze gave all proceeds from their entire first Saturday to the Wes Leonard Heart Team.  Our members set up our tent, showed CPR, how AEDs work and sold our apparel gear.  It was a beautiful day and Gary, Wesley and Mitchell’s dad, was able to be with us and be a part of our mission.  That day was special for many reasons, and not only because the amount raised was over $3569.  Again, two AEDs were purchased because of these great efforts of Rob, Maria, Cody, Trevor and Taylor Crane.


November 1st, our local Fennville Fire Department dedicated one of their pancake breakfasts to benefit the Wes Leonard Heart Team. Maria Flores was able to be there from our team and answer questions and say thank you to the community for their generous support.   The amount will be posted at a later date.  Thank you to all came and remembered our mission.


Last summer Spectators put together a tricycle race, they raised $620! Thank you to Spectators!